A major part of csc.no's business is focused on database development, software engineering and consultant related work.

Business areas

Real-time Interactive Data Analysis

Applix iTM1, the world's fastest business intelligence analytical engine, powers a suite of strategic planning, analysis, reporting and performance-management solutions

 Applix iTM1 helps executives throughout the world improve the performance of their businesses with an unrivaled real-time planning approach that enables interactive insight on demand. Applix iTM1 is sold and supported directly and through a global network of partners and value-added resellers.

 csc.no is an authorized Applix partner and distributor of iTM1 in Norway.

Combinatorial Chemistry

 csc.no and SINTEF Applied Chemistry work together to innovate and develop Combinatorial Chemistry technology, tools and applications.

 SINTEF Applied Chemistry is the leader in heterogeneous combinatorial chemistry services and tools.

 csc.no and SINTEF is developing applications for automated combinatorial chemical methods, systematic production and evaluation. SINTEF Applied Chemistry is already successfully applying combinatorial technologies towards discovery of more efficient catalysts and materials, especially directed towards zeolites.


All the technical employees of csc.no have university degrees and a wide background in the fields of computer science and consulting. After working with a wide range of domains like banking, telecommunication, government institutions and media we have gathered a lot of expertise.
csc.noís main focus is:

 Development and Software Engineering
Long time expertise in small to full scale development, we have background in all the following project parts: specification, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.
Indepth knowlegde of development tools and languages, like Java, C, (Visual) C++, Visual Basic, MS Access, Powerbuilder, Oracle JDeveloper, GNU tools, PHP, Perl, ASP, and others.

 Databases, OLAP and Datawarehouse
Most of our projects have involved databases in various incarnations and we have a thorough knowledge of all the major relational databases along with datawarehouse and OLAP technology (
business intelligence), including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MS SQLServer and TM1.

 System Administration and Maintenance
After over 10 year background in system administration, development, and maintenance of software solutions on OSes like Windows and Linux/Unix we have developed good intuition of flexible and cost effective system administration.

 Cosmo Scientific Consultant AS
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Phone and Fax:
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 Email: csc@csc.no


CEO Morten Brattberg.
 Email: morten@csc.no
 Phone: +47 22 95 83 12
 Celular: +47 90 59 62 89